All the

 ...that my name might be                   declared throughout
        All the Earth.
                              Romans 9:17                                                                                                                                                                                                        

New Sermon - Get out and Do God's Work! 
By Brother Gerry Baughman

New Sermon - A message about the Importance of staying in your place

Pastor Adam Summers preacher on 
"Lessons for the Offender"

 Mr. Martin Loyd Jones Preaches on the only hope for man. 

  Johnathan Bach preaches a message out of 2 Corinthians chapter 3.

     Bro Mark Bach preaches a message on                the comming Jewish Revival

Bro Jeremy Ballenger brings a moving message on the Tragedy of the Titanic


A powerful message bu a great preacher of the past, Bro. Harold B. Sightler
A powerful message bu a great preacher of the past, Bro. Harold B. Sightler
A powerful message bu a great preacher of the past, Bro. Harold B. Sightler
A powerful message by a great preacher of the past, Bro. Harold B. Sightler.

In this classic sermon about faith, Bro. David Gibbs teaches a message on the three aspects of faith. 

A Challenging message by Pastor Steven Sorrell entitled Family Involvement in Ministry

A great message by Brother Brian McBride on Moses's parents and the "Audacity of Faith" in bringing up a Godly family. 

An Amazing Testimony of a Baptist Preacher, the best testimony I have ever heard. Everybody needs to hear this. Very Encouraging message by Bro. David Gibbs!

The Soul, a great message
by Bro. Darrel Weaver

Hear this great Bible message by Dr. Roger Voegtlin.
Dr. Voegtlin grew up in Chicago, Illinois and was saved at the age of five. After graduating from college, he planted Fairhaven Independent Baptist Church with one family on October 27, 1970. Presently, the church averages Sunday School attendance of 2,000.


Bro. Robert Reed is the Pastor of Victory Baptist Church located in Coden, Alabama. Victory is a Fundamental, Independent Baptist Church whose desire is to serve and live for the Lord. He is not only our Saviour, but our Lord, whom we should submit to and serve in our daily lives.

Dr. Don Green has been the Pastor of Parker Memorial Baptist Church for more than 56 years.  Dr. Green fathered six children, all of whom have been in full time Christian service.  His five boys are all ordained Baptist Preachers, and his daughter, now deceased, was married to a Baptist Missionary.  Dr. Green’s father was a Baptist Preacher, his sister was married to a Baptist Preacher, he has a nephew that is a Baptist Preacher; he is a humble man who is proud of his Baptist heritage.

Depressed? Hear how this man suffered. John Bishop lost all memory yet preaches with humor with his huge challenge

Hear this Christian lawyer, David Gibbs,

 give his case for living a selfless life. Very moving and humorous message.

Click here to hear an awakening message
 by J. Harold Smith called
 "God's Three Deadlines".