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 ...that my name might be                   declared throughout
        All the Earth.
                              Romans 9:17                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Bible Prophecy In the News
The Breaking of the Brotherhood between Judah and Israel is apparent in this video. In this speech by Vice President Pence at the Knesset, there is a great divide over President Trump's support for the two state solution. This is causing the divide between Israeli conservatives or "Judah" and liberal Israel. This divide is very apparent when Vice President Pence speaks on the subject. Watch the response of the crowd.
The foolish virgins are certainly awake! Even though they are mistaken in the identity, the truth remains the same; these people are looking for the Son of David, their Messiah. See how the foolish awaken in Matthew 25 and compare to lost Judaism. Rabbi's Vision
Two Documentaries on the Revival of the Hebrew Language, a fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy

The Isis Crisis

America In Prophecy?

The Technology Explosion

An Article on the huge technological advances and their significance in Bible Prophecy.

Article - The Technology Explosion - Daniel 12:4

The Antichrist is Coming

This message is presented by Brother Colin Le Noury, a Baptist preacher from the UK that we recently found on the web. We thought you may like to hear it. 
The Year 1948
Hear this message by Dr. Ralph Sexton, Jr.  He now pastors Trinity Baptist Church in Ashville, NC. Brother Sexton shares some very interesting prophetic events for the key year of 1948. This is the same year Israel was reestablished as a sovereign nation in her homeland. You must hear this message!

Audio Message ~ The Year 1948

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